Ingvild Lien filmography

Ingvild Marie Lien is a Norwegian actor born in 1977. Although a native of Norway, she can speak both British and American English fluently. Ingvild is well known for her good fighting skills, thus she has been featured in several action movies over the years. She graduated from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ARLA) in 2000, and she is a member of the Norwegian Actors Union. A characteristic that makes Ingvild exceptional is that she also knows basic French, Spanish and German, thus defining her as a true international actor.

Because of her passion for acting, Ingvild formed a theatre company of her own called “Memento Theatre Company” in 2011. She has since then worked as an actor and film director for media companies such as Bertrand Media as well as in theatre productions in the Nordland Theatre. Ingvild Lien productions resonate really well among a young audience because she draws her inspiration from TV, film and popular culture. Most of Ingvlid’s productions are fast-paced and interact actively with stories, thus giving her performances an intense and fierce expression.

Movies by Ingvild

ingvild lien filmography

Some notable movies that Ingvlid has acted over the years include Apocalyptic Love, The Date, Lillyhammer, Marispelet, Special Forces and Stockholm. While some of these movies are action-packed, others have a pint of drama and comedy. Fallen Angels and 5 Lies are some of the recent movies Ingvlid has acted. Fallen Angels was nominated and won a couple of awards in the Amanda Awards 2008. In this movie, Ingvild played the role of Trine, where she is involved in the case of a former investigator who is hunted by her past murder case.


Apart from acting movies, Ingvild also features in TV shows and commercials. She is very good at what she does, and her passion for acting can be seen in the way she performs in movies. The Animal is the latest movie in which Ingvild is part of and it is fairing pretty well. In addition to her excellent fighting skills, Ingvild is also good at stunts. If you have not seen any of her movies, we suggest you watch one of those listed in this article.