Famous Norwegian actresses

famous norwegian actressesOver the years, Norway has produced lots of sexy and beautiful actresses who have gained fame at home and abroad. In this article, we will take a look at a few of Norway’s most well-known actresses. Maria Bock was born on 12th June 1978 in Hammerfest, Norway. She is a director and actress who became known to international audiences for her recent role in the 2018 Paul Greengrass film entitled “22 July”. The theme of this movie was Norway’s worst terrorist attack where over 70 victims were killed.

Ewa Da Cruz is a Norwegian-born American TV, soap opera and film actress. Born Ewa Benedicte Övre Skulstad in Tromsø on 9th June 1977, she began her career as a model. Moving to America, she studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) in New York. After graduating in 2004, she was invited to join the AADA’s Theatre Company for a year. Ewa is best known for her role, from 2006-2010, as heiress Vienna Hyatt in the long-running CBS soap “As the World Turns”.

Andrea Bræin Hovig

Andrea Bræin Hovig is a Norwegian actress born on 19th July 1973in Oslo. She graduated from the Norwegian National Academy Theatre in 1998 and has since acted in both the Nationaltheatret (Norwegian National Theatre) and Det Norske Teatret (Norwegian Theatre). Some of her most well-known theatre credits include playing “Hilde” in Ibsen’s “The Lady of the Sea” and “Juliet” in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” at the Nationaltheatret. As a movie actress, she is most well-known for her roles in “I Belong” (2012), “I’m the One You Want” (2014) and “An Affair” (2018).

Ingvild Marie Lien

Ingvild Marie Lien was born on February 3rd 1977. She graduated from the British Academy of Live and Recorded Art (ALRA) and has worked as an actor since 2000. The actress is well-known for her fighting skills, and aside from English and Scandinavian languages, she can also speak some German, French and Spanish. She has featured in several Norwegian plays, including playing “Mari” in “Marispelet at Rjukanfossen” and “Sai” in “Shagaround”. She has also had parts in films like “5 Lies” (2007) and “Fallen Angels” (2008) and appeared in numerous TV shows.